Prescription Management Software Bangladesh

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Prescription Management Software Bangladesh

Prescription Management Software in Bangladesh,At Software Solution Company, we manufacture an e-Prescribing (E-Prescribing) software system that allows doctors to send prescriptions directly from a hospital or nursing home to a pharmacy. This procedure allows pharmacies to maintain error-free delivery and to ensure the compatibility of medicines from various pharmaceutical companies. Of course, this dramatically improves patient care in every hospital. Our software checks the entry of medicines based on patient data from the hospital database to determine if there are any issues with the patient’s drug tolerance, such as allergies.circumstances, it is always better that the doctor types in the appropriate drug together with the correct dosage and sends it electronically to the pharmacies.

Prescription Management Software Bangladesh


✔   Dashboard Doctor: In dashboard doctor can see the short status and report of patient

✔   New Patient Entry: This option use for new patient and their serial entry

✔   View All Patient: Doctor can get all patient information here with their all history and past prescription

✔   Doctor’s Information: Here doctor can setup his/her information so that in pad it can print automatically

✔   Doctor’s Chamber: Here doctor can setup his/her all chamber address that will print in footer in prescription

✔   Patient Serial: This option use for patient serial

✔   View Patient Serial: This option use to see all patient serial.

✔   Patient Disease Setting: This option can use for pre-disease setting option with pre-prescription so that doctor can create a prescription within one click.

✔   New Medicine: All medicine already in software but if doctor want to enter any new medicine, he can do it by himself/herself.

✔   Add New Investigation: All investigation list is already there but doctor can enter new investigation here if need

✔   Add New Document: With prescription, doctor can print attached documents if need.

✔   Add New Advice: This option use for pre-setup new advice

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