Restaurant Management Software Bangladesh

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Restaurant Management Software Bangladesh


Manage your restaurant chains and franchises

Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single location.
The restaurant management software  is your complete solution for all your restaurant needs. From table reservation to in-depth order takeaway and everything in between, our restaurant management helps you manage your restaurant activities with just a few clicks. Connect your kitchen, lobby, bar and cashier with our restaurant management and monitor all activities from one place.

Multi Soft LTD has developed a user-friendly interface that allows the user to interact with the software or hardware in a natural and intuitive way.


✔   Customers: You can add unlimited customers name and their details like address, mobile number, email address etc.

✔   Items: You can add unlimited food or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.

✔   Suppliers: You can save your supplier information here with their contact details.

✔   Receiving: If client back your product then this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory

✔   Sales: This option help your sales person to sale your product from stock & receive the payment by cash or card

✔   Employees: You can add unlimited stuff with individual access level. Employee can use this software according to their access level.


✔   Unlimited User

✔   Access from anywhere

✔   Unlimited PC access

✔   Unlimited Employee Access

✔   Individual access & user panel

✔   Low cost & best support


✔   Sales Report: You will get day, month & year wise sales report with stock, vat and profit information.

✔   Categories Report: You can check how much product are in your stock in category wise.

✔   Customers Report: You can check which customers take how much product with price by date wise.

✔   Suppliers Report: You can see the supplier list & their products here.

✔   Items Report: You can see the stock report and sales report here date wise.

✔   Employees Report: You can check which employee sale how much & deal with which customers.

✔   Taxes Report: You can see all tax report here.

✔   Discounts Report: You can see how much discount you provide to your clients and total summery report.

✔   Payments Report: You can see all payment details date wise.

✔   Low Inventory Report: If your product is in a re-order level then this option show you the current status.

✔   Inventory Summary Report: Full inventory report is here date wise.

✔   Individual access & user panel

✔   Low cost & best support


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