Best School Management Software (ERP) Bangladesh

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Best School Management Software Bangladesh

Smart Academic System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based software for managing academic institutions

School Management Software Bangladesh.This solution is essential for any educational institution such as English Medium School, Bengali Medium School, University, College, Madrasa etc.We develop customized software for your business needs! We work with you to ensure a flawless and timely delivery.

This software included academic management, results management, online approval, schedule management, account and charge management, human resource management, attendance management, library management, online fess management, etc

Best School Management Software Bangladesh
Best School Management Software (ERP) Bangladesh

About Our Software

Our software consists of a variety of modules that each school needs to effectively manage a variety of areas that surround the school. All different areas of the software are managed separately.This controls access and saves the data separately for a reliable experience.

Our student database is very robust, enabling complex searches and complete database management, from adding new students to tracking presence. Changes and updates of the data are possible without much effort. In addition, the results data can be included as a performance profile in the student database, even if the time and the exam style change

Backend ERP

Student admission system

✔   Fully functional and automated admission form for student enrolment

✔   Enroll students to a specific class for a certain session

Bulk import of students

✔   Import as many students as you want using csv file

Class management with multiple sections

✔   Add sections to a class

✔   Ability to assign teacher for a section

✔   Multiple sections under a certain class

Class-wise subject management

✔   Add subjects for each class separately

✔   Assign a teacher for a subject

Class routine or class schedule

✔   Manage class timetables section-wise

✔   Change timetable when required

Student promotion

✔   Promote a student from one class to another

✔   Ability to choose which students get promoted and who are not

✔   Promote students to a new academic session

✔   Ability to have a look at student’s results while promoting

Students’ daily attendance

✔   Take attendance of students daily

✔   Keep track if students are absent

Students’ attendance report

✔   Get a well defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month

✔   Ability to print the attendance report

Exam management

✔   Specify exam dates

✔   Add or remove any exam anytime you need

Exam evaluations or marks management

✔   Evaluate or put exam marks for each student subject wise

✔   Compare students’ marks

✔   Print student marksheet

Students’ tabulation sheet

✔   Get a report of marks of all students for a certain class for a specific exam

✔   Printing option of that tabulation sheet of students’ marks

Question papers for students

✔   Ability to upload question papers for students

Study materials for student

✔   Ability to upload study materials

✔   Study materials can be class specific

✔   Students can download the materials anytime they need


✔   Organize books class-wise

✔   Students can issue the books they need

✔   Librarian can keep track of the books issued

Transportation management

✔   Add transport for your school

✔   Ability to attach students to a transport service


✔   Ability to manage school dorms

✔   Assign students to specific dorm

Students’ fees management

✔   Create single invoice for student fees

✔   Mass invoice generation for convenience

✔   Ability to take multiple payments under single invoice

✔   Payments can be taken both online or manually

Online payments

✔   Take student fees via PayPal

✔   Take fees via Payumoney

SMS gateways

✔   ZIT APIs are integrated

✔   Choose any one of them according to your need

✔   Ability to disable SMS services

Private messaging

✔   Contact any user with private messages

✔   Receiver gets notified with email notification

Academic year or session handling

✔   Keep your school records year-wise

✔   Ability to select academic sessions

✔   Ability to see previous session data

Management of teachers

✔   Add/edit/delete teachers anytime you need

✔   Assign teacher to specific class or section

✔   Assign teacher to specific subject


✔   Create payment invoices

✔   Create mass invoices for a particular class

✔   Students’ payment history

Expense management

✔   Add school expenses

✔   Keep track of expenses

✔   Set separate category for school expenses


✔   Add/edit/delete parents

✔   Assign parents to student

✔   A parent can be associated with multiple children


✔   Separate user account for library management

✔   Responsible for issuing of books


✔   Separate user account for managing school fees

✔   Can also manage school expenses

✔   Can keep track of unpaid student fee invoices

Universal noticeboard

✔   Add announcements or important notices for all users

✔   Notices are shown on each user’s dashboard on calendar

Multiple color scheme option for backend

✔   Change the look and feel by changing color schemes from system settings

Customization of school information

✔   Change school name and other information from system settings

Multiple SMS gateways

✔   Multiple SMS gateways integrated

✔   Choose among MSG91, Twillio or Clickatell

Frontend School Website Management Panel

Homepage slider settings

✔   Ability to add three slider images with title and description for the school website’s main slider

Events management

✔   Ability to create events that will show on website

✔   Ability to hide/show on school website


✔   The noticeboard of the school website is fetched from the backend erp noticeboard module

School Gallery

✔   Ability to create Gallery for specific event

✔   Ability to add any number of images inside a gallery

✔   Ability to choose if the gallery will be shown on website or not

Teacher profiles

✔   Teachers are fetched from teacher module

✔   Ability to select which teacher will be shown on website

Frontend School Website

Noticeboard : The notices from backend erp

Event List:  The events that are created by admin from frontend settings

School Gallery: The galleries with images which are allowed by admin to show on the website

Admission form:  A simple admission form for offline/manual admission

Teacher Profiles:  Teacher profiles with their contact info

Contact Page:  Page for viewers from where they can contact the school administration